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COVID-19 Update - Responding to the Global Pandemic

Updated: Jul 18, 2022

Rental International a.k.a. Homestay Toronto Eh has always remained committed to providing comfortable and safe accommodation to our homestay students, more so now at this trying time of the global pandemic.

Current and Returning Homestay Students

Since the early stage of this health crisis, we have maintained an open communication within our homestay on how we can effectively protect ourselves from the virus --- collectively as one big family. By listening to the daily media updates and abiding by the directives of the Toronto Public Health, we have so far managed to do well and stay healthy.

By doing so, we are confident that those who decided to temporarily go back home to their parents do feel safe to do so. Given the extraordinary circumstances the students are currently in, some general restrictions in their contracts had to be waived to allow them to temporarily reunite with their parents. This includes holding their accommodation indefinitely at no cost to ensure they have a safe place to stay when they return.

For those who chose to stay put, we continue to be more responsive to their needs. For example, we make sure that they have good connectivity at the homestay in order to be productive when doing online lectures or working from home.

Potential & Incoming Homestay Students

Our criteria for screening potential homestay students remain the same but our procedures had to be enhanced in response to the current COVID-19 situation. This is for your protection and ours as well.

For the time being:

  • We have suspended accepting room reservation at our main location.

  • Room reservation is being accepted only at our alternative location where none of our current homestay students and family members would be staying at the moment.

  • Any of our family members would only visit the alternative location just to provide any essential services.

  • Reservations will only be considered for any occupancies not earlier than May 2nd.

  • Viewing of the place is only allowed virtually.

Everyone is expected to abide by the directives of the Public Health Office in your locality with regards to the COVID-19 outbreak. Federal and local guidelines can be accessed online anytime whichever is applicable to your situation.

We will revert to the usual homestay setting as soon as we can reasonably assess that it is mutually safe for the new homestay students and our family members to do so.

For those incoming homestay students who have already confirmed their reservations but cannot or do not feel comfortable proceeding, we do understand. A short note to indicate their cancellation will do.

Stay safe everyone!

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