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How To Properly Say HELLO in Korean

Like Filipinos and most other Asians, Koreans are mindful of how well they know the person when saying ‘Hello’, making sure they show proper respect for age and status. Body language is also important.

ANNYEONG HASEYO is the most common way of saying Hello in Korean and is considered polite enough to use when interacting with people whom you know but whom you’re not really very close with. That’s regardless of age. Just make sure you bow slightly to show some respect.

A more formal greeting would be to say ANNYEONG HASHIMNIKKA. You would say this to show even more respect to someone older or of higher status. And you bow lower this time.

And lastly, the casual way of saying Hello among friends and acquaintances of the same age, a simple ANNYEONG will do. I’m pretty sure you need not worry too much about bowing.

Gamsahamnida Andrew, Lucas, JK and Jay!

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