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Are Students Allowed to Bring Visitors Into Our Homestay?

Updated: Jul 18, 2022

Students in our homestay do get the privilege to have visitors. But this is normally limited to essential and infrequent visits such as those that are family or school related only. Our main goal is to provide students with a place to stay (away from home) that is conducive to learning. Parents sometimes want to visit to ensure that this is the case so they are always welcome to personally check on how their sons or daughters are doing. As well, bringing in visitors whose purpose is to help with completing certain projects or requirements for school is totally fine with us.

However, overnight guests and romantic or social visits are generally not allowed. We provide accommodation to students in a homestay setting – not in a hotel. Though we share our spare rooms for a fee, our house still has to remain a private home not open to just about any stranger. Unfortunately, when there are too many unfamiliar faces quite too frequently at home, it tends to put us in an awkward situation instead of that familial interaction we would normally expect to experience in a homestay environment.

Nonetheless, we are willing to make exceptions under special circumstances. We know how being away from home or stressed out from school on an extended period could take a toll on your mental and emotional state, and sometimes having someone over could be your only way of escape or relief. Long as you properly communicate with us about your situation and keep visits wholesome and infrequent, then we should be able to come to a compromise.

Also, as the weather gets better, there will be lesser restrictions since you can entertain your visitors outdoors.

Bottom line is that before bringing other people into the homestay, it’s best that both the homestay student and the host should try to focus on building good relationship between themselves first. Once a healthy relationship has been established, allowing a student to bring a visitor into the homestay shouldn't be much of an issue anymore.

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