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Happy Family Day!

The third Monday in February is observed in most provinces of Canada as a regional statutory holiday, typically known in general as Family Day (French: Jour de la Famille).

Some provinces use their own names, as they celebrate the day for different reasons. It is observed:

In Canada more generally, it has also been celebrated as Heritage Day, though this is not as an official holiday. This "Heritage Day" is observed by some in celebration of the country’s collective history, architecture, and cultural heritage.[2][3]

In Quebec and the three territories, it is a regular working day. The same is true in Newfoundland and Labrador except in Corner Brook, where it is an unnamed civic holiday.

In Yukon, however, one Friday in February (typically the last/near-last Friday)—rather than a Monday—is deemed Yukon Heritage Day.

Two-thirds of Canadians live in a province that observes a February statutory holiday. Some provinces have changed the observance day of their holiday to match the other provinces.[4] As Family Day is not a federal statutory holiday, employees of the federal government (such as public servants and postal workers) work on this day in all provinces.

The timing of Family Day also coincides with the United States' holiday of Presidents' Day (also known as Washington's Birthday, among other names).

Click here to see what's open and closed during the Family Day weekend. And check this list out for ideas of what you can do this Family Day weekend with your family.





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