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"Imagine Your Korea"

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

My early discovery of Korea includes a music video of Wonder Girls' Nobody that I came across over the internet. Probably around the same time, I got so fond of listening to the melody of this one song my son used to play over and over again on the piano - which he later told me is called Wedding Dress by Taeyang. He's got another song that I like called Ears, Nose, Lips. Check it out!

When we decided to venture into homestay accommodation, our first batch of international students were from Korea, hence our first actual interaction with Koreans. With them I got to learn the proper way to say Hello in Korean.

These days, though I'm not really into K-Pop, I keep being reminded about Korea through my daughter who is a fan of BTS. Whenever I go to her room to clean her bathroom or something, this sneaky guy always startles me.

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